Welcome to Soberlink Systems


Soberlink has introduced a revolutionary technology that is bringing sobriety monitoring into the 21st century and well into the future.  Using remote, facial-recognition technology to confirm the identity of each individual for each test, the monitoring is done in real-time, is cloud-based and is as tamper-proof as any technology on the market.

Through use of the Sober Sky software platform, all involved parties are able to view test results in real-time– with customizable tracking options. 

The system provides for two numbered levels of cutting-edge monitoring programs.  Using the level one monitoring program, the client sets and manages their own testing schedule.  When level two monitoring is implemented, the client is given set testing schedules and is then alerted to when a sample is required via text message or push notification.   

Many courts may mandate the use of the Soberlink system in criminal or family dispositions.  The level one is common for set parenting hours, whereas level two provides for daily mandatory testing that is more suited towards compliance ordered by criminal courts.  Also, it is a highly-sought after solution with treatment centers, due to the high-level of customization and personalized programs that can be set up through the system.  Access to the system and its equipment is also available to private individuals who want to track themselves or loved ones on the road to recovery.